Stored procedure using local transaction JDBC Adapter

When I’m executing a stored procedure(JDBC adapter using Local transaction) it starts and commits the transaction during this step. It doesn’ wait until the flow exits.
I thought the commit or rollback was performed when the flow service exits. Is this correct?
How can I prevent that this service commits immediately?


The commit/rollback is not linked with flow service exits,in the flow use the startTransaction as first step and once the SP executes successfully then depends on the SP OUT flag use the commitTransaction and further down exit the flow with success or just do nothing flow will exit automatically when no further steps involves.


To associate database transaction with the flow one needs explicitly create transaction context using
Then you can control such transaction from the flow using commitTransaction and rollbackTransaction services.

Gregory Kanevsky

The “startTransaction/commitTransaction/rollbackTransaction” services are located in the WMART package.These services takes the i/p of transactionName(set someusefulName)and remember the same name should be used in the downstream ie commit/rollback services too.


Hi Stefan,

In the JDBC COnfiguration, set it from, " Local Transaction" to “No Transaction”.

Hope this solves ur problem

Solved! Didn’t work as expected because I was tracing the flow.
Now it works fine with implicit transaction handling.
Thanks for all help.