Stop a flowservice execution

hi all ,
i found some interesing question.iam taking REPEAT–>SUCCESS inside that iam taking a debuglog service.wn i run this it continously printing the message in my console.
now i want to stop that service. even i close the my developer also is running.
is anyway to stop the service from IS Admin?
tell me any one solution for this one.

I think 8.x now has the ability to kill a thread but I don’t know the details.

You effectively created an infinite loop based on your description. You shouldn’t do that.

IS Admin > Server > Statistics > System Threads > Click on the link. You gotto cancel the running thread, and then kill it. This is available from 8.x.

However, as reamon said, you shouldn’t do that.


If you can reload the package contain that particular service you can stop that service execution…

But I am not sure about this

Reloading a package does not stop running services.

thanks for all