Steps how to start use PSUtilities Package

Hi All

Please guide me how to use PSUtilities Package .
Mainly i want to create a .cnf file to store and retrieve data . I already verified in the GEAR 6 PSUtilities Package Documentation.

In that Document they only mentioned the functionality of each service but didn’t mentioned how to start using the Package and steps to create .cnf file.

Urgent requirement please do reply guys.



PSUtilities just gives you a list of already developed java services for yo to use and add in the logic of your own flow service.

So if you need to parse a .cnf file you will need a few services :

  • getFile
  • tokenizer (if that’s how yo want to read/parse the file)

PSUtilities does not come (I believe) with a ready solution for you…


As pointed out by Jeremy PSUtilities is just a collection of services, written by PS to add functionality not included in the standard webMethods packages. Please have a look at [URL] for more details.

For storing and retrieving configurations there are diffrent approaches possible, all need to be coded anew. Some ideas are

  • just have a flat file and tokenizer (as mentioned above)
  • use Java properties.
  • Store to a database
    wit hfiles you need to consdier where to place th file to. Placing inside the package (config dir) means, it ghet’s deployed with the package, but this makes different configs in different environements (dev, test prod) difficult. Storing outside the package means more indepence, but you need to take care of deployment.