STATUS column in WMSERVICE table

Does anybody know what do the values in the STATUS column in the WMSERVICE table (audit) stand for?

I appear to always have to entries for each service invoked, one at status 1 and the other at 2. Looking at the timestamps and duration, I’m guessing it goes something like 1=started and 2=done. Could anybody confirm? Are there any other possible values for the status column?

Best regards,
Carlos Jourdan

Hey Carlos,

You are right… the status are 1=started and 2=done…but thats not it…there are much more status codes which go in…

For the WmService table :

Code Status
1 Started[FONT=ArialNarrow-Bold][SIZE=2]


2 Completed
4 Failed
32768 Resubmitted
32772 Retried


You can also find this information in the Monitor Users guide.

Hope this helps.