Starting with TN

Hello All
Iam new to Trading Network.
Can any one let me know the steps to be carried to
Install TN
Connect to DB
Create a small service and how to link it to TN console
How to set the Profiles external ID of incoming documents.(which TN can reconize to a particular partner)


Regarding installation of TN, it has two components. One the TN Server, which gets installed as a package (WmTN) on IS and another is TN Console, which is a client tool. You can start the webMethods installer and select the “webMethods Trading Networks Server” from Runtime Environments group and “webMethods Trading Networks Console” from Tools group.

Once you are done with installation, I suggest to go through the documentation provided which will help you in getting started with TN. You can find the related documentation at <integrationserver>\packages\WmTN\doc and <tnconsole>\doc.

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