Starting a new business process from Java

Hi guys, I am new to webMethods and have created a business process in the Designer (7.1); I have uploaded it to the tast engine and I am able to start it by a trigger document from the Designer (by publishing a document) and process
manual tasks in it.

What I want to archive is to integrate this process (at least the manual steps)
within my proprietary Java Swing client.

Therefore I had a look at the “7-1-1_Task_Engine_API_and_Service_Reference.pdf”
document which describes how to interact with the task engine. I can queue a task and also query information about it but what I really need is to start a complete
business process. I guess when I use the queueTask method of this API there is no
context to a business process at all?

Can you please give me a hint on how to get started with this szenario; unfortunately I did not find any documentation on starting/managing business processes from within a Java API?

Many thanks in advance,