Start elasticsearch and kibana server

We restarted the API gateway and then found that the elastic search server and kibana server were shutdown
Do anyone know the command or method to start the elasticsearch and kibana server ?

Hi Cindy Man,
The Elasticsearch and Kibana are tied to API Gateway startup process and it will get started automatically unless their autostart properties are disabled and the same can be verified in below property files

Elasticsearch - <Install_Dir>\IntegrationServer\instances\default\packages\WmAPIGateway\config\resources\elasticsearch\ (pg.gateway.elasticsearch.autostart)

Kibana - <Install_Dir>\profiles\IS_default\apigateway\config\ (apigw.kibana.autostart)

If both are set to true and if they are not starting automatically, we need to check the logs for any exception.

You can start these services manually from thorough the below scripts.
Elasticsearch - <Install_Dir>\EventDataStore(or)InternalDataStore\bin\startup.bat
Kibana - <Install_Dir>\profiles\IS_default\apigateway\dashboard\bin\kibana.bat

Note:If the autostart property is enabled, then the services should start automatically. So it is recommended to find the root cause for this failure instead of starting it manually.