StackOverflowError while building PIP 7B1

While trying to build the PIP 7B1 in the PIP builder screen of Rosettanet through the DTD file ‘7B1_WorkInProcessNotification_V01_00_00’, I am getting StackOverflowError on the screen. The server log has the following lines ‘java.lang.reflect.InvocationTargetException:StackOverflowError’. I can see the PIP structure in wMdeveloper but cannot see the conversation scripts in trading networks. Also, the BizDocTypes do not seem to have been generated.
If someone has faced similar problem, could you please help me out of this.


Rajesh, you need Pip Tool Fix 1 - Recursive References.

That should fix this problem.

Do I need access to the service center to get the FIX 1 jar file. I think I cannot download it directly from the site, isn’t it ? I don’t have access to the service center. How to get the file ?


You need to contact webMethods Support to get all fixes (only Service Packs are available for download).


Thanks Pat,
The problem was solved.