SSO implementation for webmethods IS

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We are trying to implement SSO with AZURE AD on webMethods IS. Can someone please let me know steps for this. I have found steps for MWS but not IS. Please help.

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Question related to a free trial, or to a production (customer) instance?



this should be described in the IS Administrators Guide.

On the other side you can connect your Azure AD to MWS and define the proper groups there.
You can then use these groups in IS and add them to the ACLs in IS where neeeded.
When searching for the groups from MWS you will have to switch from directory “Local” to directory “Central”.


You don’t have to configure it separately for IS and it is not recommended to do so. All you need to do is set central users db (from jdbc pools) to be same with MWS db. IS will get that configuration from MWS. Check the document below for more details.

Remember to either configure UM for JMS transport of Sync-Messages when users are added, updated or removed.
Or you can enable the old DB-Sync mechanism by editing one of the MWS config files.
The DB-Sync mechanism is considered deprecated sinve wM 9.12 and therefore the possibility to configure it via MWS UI has been removed in 10.x.