SSL Toolkit on IS 4.6


I’m running Integration Server 4.6 on Win2K and want to setup SSL - the Admin Guide does not specify how to generate SSL Certificate File - it refers to the Certificate Tookit User’s Guide - I found that guide in the Bookshelf section of this site, but the document references commands that are NOT available in my IS4.6 installation - it must be an older version of the guide…

How do you create the Certificate file, import keys, etc on IS 4.6… - is there a new tool for this in IS 4.6?!

Please help.


I’ll find out whether there’s a newer version. The latest one I found is for B2B 4.0, and can be found at

You said “the document references commands that
are NOT available in my IS4.6 installation”. Can you be more specific? What commands are missing?

Thanks for the feedback!

The Certificate Toolkit isn’t part of the Integration Server, so it may be that you’re missing the required software. Registered customers should be able to download the certificate toolkit from Advantage. Log into Advantage, then click on “Product Downloads”, then “webMethods Integration Server”, then “webMethods Certificate Toolkit Product”. Choose the right version and away you go!

Certificate Toolkit 1.0 should work with Integration Server 4.6. Just ignore where it says B2B in the documentation.

If you have problems, Technical Services should be able to help you!