SSL Mutual certificate creation and importing in IS

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I have requirement that i need to create Mutual SSL certificate and https port in IntegrationServer to open mutual SSL communication between customer and IS server.

to make Mutual SSL certification with private key,please any one help me steps involved in creation and importing SSL certificate in IS.

I have portecle tool and openssl available, please help me to create privatekey mutual SSL certification in IS with Https port.

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Anil Kumar Ellendula

Not sure Mutual SSL cert means, but I think you should only care about the cert generation for your IS. your client should provide the cert they use.

google how to use openssl to generate a server cert, there are many examples/tutorials.

You can use protecle to generate JKS file, so you can install it on the IS.

Mutual SSL : do you mean self-sign certificated, if so you can use protecle GUI to created your public and private key… and the import them to your keystore …

If above is not the case then you need to generate the CSR ( certificate signing request ) which needs to be signed by the signing authority e.g. VeriSign etc and the you need to import your certificates along with public & private key in your keystore … you might have to convert the keys format as IS only support JSK & PKCS#12 … then you would be needed to create the alias from IS -> Security -> Keystore … for detail step you would have to refer the IS admin guide

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