SSL Error while importing WSDL

Hello !

I’m working with Designer 10.1 and by importing a WSDL for an outbound web service, this error appears : Unsupported record version SSLv2Hello

Does I have to import SSL certificate on Designer even if the same certificate is already installed on the IS ?
If I have to do this, how should I proceed ?

Thank you for your help ?

Hi Lea,

where is the WSDL file located?
On the same box as the IS or on a remote server hosting the producer?

For the first case we have a small local Tomcat installed, which is hosting all the WSDL and XSD files for us.
In the second case you should get in contact with the admin team of the remote server to check their SSL/TLS settings and the server certificates chain with you.

As SSLv2 is deprecated (as well SSLv3) it is strongly recommended to upgrade to TLS 1.x protocols.

Check the Empower Knowledgebase for Articles related to POODLE.


Hi Holger,

Thank you for your answer.

The WSDL is on a remote server. I’ll check the SSL/TLS settings.

Is it possible that the SSL problem is between the machine where Designer is installed and the remote server where is the WSDL ?

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Refer the link below, hope it helps.