SSL Configuration Error

I have setup an HTTPS port and it is enabled. I followed the directions for the CertificateToolKit and I believe everything is setup correctly. However, I am trying to test the new remote server using SSL and I keep getting an error. I am using Windows 2000 with wM 4.6. Each time I try to test the Remote Server I get the error message “Unable to connect to remote server HTTPSlocalhost” HTTPSlocalhost being the Alias I gave the SSL Server. I am running the localhost on port 5555 and the HTTPSlocalhost on port 443. The error I am getting in my error log is as follows.

Unable to decrypt preMasterSecret <PKCS#1 Attack?>: javax.crypto.BadPaddingException: Invalid PKCS#1 padding: encrypted message is not k OCTETS long!

Could someone please explain the error to me, or give any suggestions that may help me figure this out. Thanks so much!!

Paul Farmer


If you were able to fix this issue then can you share the solution. I am having the same problem and could not find any solution to any forum.

Thanks in advance.