SSL Communication throwing exception

Hi All,
I am getting an exception while sending a request to a https URL Connection closed by remote host.

has any one faced this issue before?
I am using the service to set the privKeyFile in the format of a .der file and the rootca and the intermediate as the certFiles. additionally the rootca and intermediateca are installed in truststore of IS.
Updates TNS_9.10_Fix8

Can you please enable SSL Debug true by setting it in and check the detailed error exception ?
you should set the below parameter,
watt.ssl.iaik.debug is equal to True

Hi Onur,
Yes I have enabled it. the only log which comes after enabling it is
2018-09-12 07:13:16 UTC [ISP.0085.9998E] Exception --> Received fatal alert: handshake_failure

Than I suggest that you should trace what is happening and required by using this tool maybe this ssl requires some chipper which your environment does not support with the JVM version you are using, once I got such an exception and it was solved by upgrading the JVM.

Hi Anjni,
Please check the following link which has details on SSL Errors and Resolution.

Thanks everyone, the issue was related to the network firewall issues. A firewall in the network setup was blocking our requests.