SSL Certificate validation with intermediate CA certs

Hi All,

Currently I am making a flow service and in which I am getting one main certificate - Auto1.der (not self-signed) and one intermediate certificate - Auto1Key.der (signed by this party).

And now for validation I need subject string of Auto1.der and issuer string of Auto1Key.der. And I am using service to get first certificate (Auto1.der )details and getting properly and I am using same service to get key certificate (Auto1Key.der) details, but for this I am getting the some exceptions.

Can anybody help me to know how I can extract the key certificate details (intermediate certificate), mostly interested to get issuer string.


Hi All,

Please give some direction also.

If you need more information and then I can provide.
I really stuck for it.

Thanks a lot


what is the error/exception you are seeing? You mentioned you are extracting subject and issuer strings, but they are documents, did you mean you are extracting ‘ou’/‘o’ string under subject and issuer? can you provide more details?