sqlserver jdbc problem

" Failed to load the driver sqlserver.jar" … in the server log

I’ve added watt.server.jdbc.driverList=sqlserver.jar in the server.cnf file (6.0.1)…

sqlserver.jar is in the …/integrationserver/lib/jars directory…

need help pls

kayan sravanam

Hi Kalyan
You can try with moving this sqlserver.jar file in WmJDBCAdapter/code/jars/static folder. Also please check if javaxsql.zip is present in that folder too. Then restart the server.

hey mohit,

I’m actually using datadirect jdbc drivers… in this case how do I go about it?

thanks for help,


Hi Kalyan

Please provide few more details as :

Are you making connections using WmDB package? If yes, can you provide the more details about DB alias.

Also you can try to set the “watt.server.jdbc.defaultDriver” value accordingly and restart the Integration server with TRACE logs.

Mohit K

Hello Kalyan,

What exactly u r trying to connect using data direct drivers SQL 2008/SQL 2012?

What is the version of webMethods you are using?