SQL Syntax / Natural Syntax

We are converting some of our Narural/Adabas Lists programs to Crystal Reports, using the Adabas SQLGateway. One problem that we have come across is, in Natural we can take only the record that do not occure in another table using the Natural syntax FIND … then setting a flag … if the flag is not set then list, with this mechnisim we can see only the records that do not exists in the cross table. In MySql the syntax would be to use

FROM  qup q
ON q.qup_id = a.arv_qup 
where a.arv_id is NULL

This is just a small example of what I’m talking about. With the SQLGateway I’m able to use the outer join but cannot get the ‘is null’ to work, ie it does not allow me to set the ‘is null’ in the syntax.

I’m sure there is someone that has used this in SQLGateway ?

The “IS NULL” clause may only be used with columns, which are NULLABLE.

e.g. the ADABAS Field must be defined with the attributes NU,NC