SQL server database locked on dynamic SQL

Hi Guys,

I created one JDBC adapter (dynamic SQL) service with SQL server database. Some times, the adapter service is taking infinite time to execute a simple update query. (Query is something like - update table_name set x in (’$var’). The var condition selects max 5 rows)

There is no trace in the logs to investigate why the adapter service taking infinite time. Also, noticed that the table is getting locked. (No other process is using this table at that time). Could you please advise if you know any limitations with dynamic SQL on SQL server?

webMethods version - V9.8

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Raja – Is there any upgrade from DB side, involve DB team to investigate this issue.


Make sure you are on the latest adapter fix levels and try to re-product this scenario. Try running the query directly on DB, check the query execution time.

If problems still exists contact SAG support with an incident.

Raja – Any recent news on this ?