SQL Exception

Hi All,

I have developed one batch insert adapter service and calling the same from one flow service but getting following exception. No of columns and parameters are exactly matching in the SQL but don’t know why i am getting this exception. If i execute adapter service separatly then it works fine.

The number of parameter values set or registered does not match the number of parameters.


If the service works fine on stand-alone thenit might be with the mapping. Check your mapping whether the source document list has data in it before executing the adapter service by stepping in.

Yes, i checked source document list and i can see in the data in it. Even each column is mapped properly with Adapter source inputs.

Did you make any changes to Adapter service? Also compare the field names in the Adapter service template and input.

May be refresh the service and re-do the mapping. May be it might


If you had made any changes in the adapter service after mapping. It may take up the previous data. Try reloading the Adapter Service and refresh the package. It might work.


You might also want to check the adapter service input variables. In some of the templates the input and output variables are generally preceeded by an extra character ‘space’. Please verify if that is the case and correct that.