SQL Adaptor

i have downloaded and installed JDBC driver for SQL 2000,copied allthe 3 jar files to IS directory ,but still when i configure the adaptor i’m getting following error:

Error encountered
[ART.118.5042] Adapter Runtime (Connection): Unable to enable connection resource Service1.adap:testsqlcon.
[ART.118.5036] Adapter Runtime (Connection): Unable to configure connection manager.

Here is the confrigration that i have used:

DataSource Class : com.microsoft.jdbcx.sqlserver.SQLServerDataSource
serverName : ABC
user :test
password :*********
networkProtocol :TCP
Other Properties : SelectMethod=cursor

Can anyone tell me what might be the problem ?

Thanks in advance !

After copying the jar files,have you restarted the IS server?If not try this option and make sure the DB is up and running.


In your above metioned settings i have noticed that for
Other Properties : SelectMethod=cursor.
but it should be “selectMethod=cursor” (‘s’ is small letter correct this too)

Ignore my last post it is SelectMethod=cursor.you are right.

And also check this link



This attached document will really help for configuing SQLserver 2000.

WM_SQL_Server_Setup-30999.doc (49.2 k)

Sorry for many postings,this is to help for the known issues.


DB is up , i restarted and tested it agian. but still getting the same error

Pls Check the uploaded attached doc may be you might be missing someting in the configuration part.

Going by the Document …do i have to RUN instjdbc.sql from server machine or from my machine( server is on different m/c).
because its not working if i download and run the JDBC driver from my machine.

you have to run this sql on the server machine itself,so that it will load the driver in the list.

Hi all,

I’m a WebMethods newbie and I’m trying to configure a JDBC 6.0.1 Adapter Connection to an SQLServer…

Windows NT, wemethods 6.0.1, SQLServer200 is the environment I am using
I would really appreciate if somebody can send me the docs related to cofiguration of JDBC adapter 6.0 by mail…

Thank you for your assistance in advance

Clear Documentation of JDBC adpter for SQLServer2000
jdbcadapterconfig.doc (19.5 k)


See the attachment doc uploaded in the above postings that replied to Rana.

Or else use the search functionality provided in this site.I think lot of threads covered this problem and you will know it.


Hi all,

I’m fresher to webMethods ,could i expect configuration of SAP adapter 6.0.1 Adapter Connection to an SAP4.6b

Windows NT, webMethods 6.0.1, SAP4.6B is the environment I am using
I would really appreciate if somebody can send me the docs related to configuration of SAP by mail…

Thank you for your assistance in advance

Please use the search feature in the Discussion Forums menu to locate threads discussing configuration of the SAP adapter.

Our posting guidelines encourage members to post their answers in the forums rather than via off-line emails so that everyone can benefit.

Finally, see the \doc folder of your SAP adapter package for a users guide for this adapter. You can also access the product documentation for all products using your webMethods Advantage account.