SPM is consuming huge memory

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We have installed wM 9.9 on Linux ( 8 GB RAM , 2 CPU ) . we have 4 such machines.

On each server we have installed different products as below

  1. IS , UM , SPM
  2. IS , UM , SPM
  3. Terracotta, MWS , SPM
  4. CCE, CTP, UM, SPM

Now are facing an issue on each box with SPM as it is consuming huge memory literally more than 50% due to which some of the products are going unresponsive.

In general SPM can run with 128 MB memory as per my knowledge. But why is it consuming lot of memory.

We have installed all the latest fixes in each server.

Can anyone help me to resolve this.


The best way to answer this question is to create memory dump of the SPM process, open SI with SAG support and provide the dump file with SPM logs for analysis



Perhaps you could modify your JVM Options add the option:
-XX:MaxMetaspaceSize=[the size of memory to be allocated]


A better explanation about [google]java metaspace[/google] can be found or in stackoverflow

Mattias Jiderhamn


If you set the parameter -XX:MaxMetaspaceSize you could get OutOfMemory, but if you do not set this parameter you can get the process allocate all the machine memory (including swap space). So use with caution!!

N.B: This happened because wM using Java 8