Spell check in webMethods

Does anyone know there is existing spell check tool for webMethods service? If not, please leave your suggestions about what need to be checked, because I may need to make one.

What do you mean when you say “spell check for webMethods service”? A tool for static code analysis?

One tool has been reported here in the community (a plugin for sonar cube), we’ve done one for our organization (for internal use) which has catched many errors a human’s eye would never do. I’m sure others have done the same but do not reveal it here for some reasons.

IMO, what to checks depends on the organization and its rules. Ideally, such a tool would have a pluggable architecture that would allow users to impelement their individual rules.

Also, one should think about the infrastructure, i.e. how to present the results of the analysis.

Thanks, fml2. Of course, a pluggable architecture is definitely required. But I wonder what’re the rules would be apply in organizations as many as possible. Something like: don’t refer to WmRoot package, mandatory service level comment, an Exit without exitfrom …

Before you build your tool there is SAGCodeReviewTool owned by SAG GCS.

If you need more details about the rules/guidelines to be checked as part of code review I can share you via email.

Thanks for the reminding, I wonder where I could get this SAGCodeReviewTool, and what’s SAG GCS?

Hi Xiaowei,

SAG GCS stands for Software AG Global Consulting Services.

I am not sure if they provide direct access to this tool.
Usually this is used during a migration project to identify the serivces which need to be corrected for the new wM version.

You can try involve your license owner and your sales rep at SAG.


Hi Holger, thanks for your quick response, I will try to contact SAG.