Speech-based Interactions with ARIS

ARIS for Alexa® Demo now available on the Amazon® Skills Store

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For a long time, Artificial Intelligence (AI) has felt like a vision or tomorrow’s story—promising dreams of the future but always out of reach. But AI is here today and quickly growing in its applications and impact on business and society. Day by day, more and more speech-based applications are used in our daily business, improving how we interact with technology and devices by delivering insights not only faster but also above and beyond what has been possible up to now.

One successful example for AI is Alexa®, the brain behind the Amazon® Echo series. Alexa is changing the way we interact with the world and is making our life more convenient, organized and fun. It can be a virtual assistant, to-do-list manager, fitness coach, concierge, shopper or DJ. There are almost no limitations and every time you add a new skill, Alexa gets a new ability.

That was the inspiration to broaden Alexa’s mind—by not only making it valuable for the private life but also for the business world. We wanted to create a new experience for Alexa and decided to build a demo so that Alexa can interact directly with ARIS to get you the information you need, even if you don’t have access to your ARIS portal at that moment.

The time for "Alexa, ask ARIS" is now: At CEBIT, we launched our ARIS for Alexa® Demo, which is now officially available on the Amazon Alexa Skills Store (in English and German) and allows you to get information from ARIS hands-free, just with the sound of your voice. 

The skill can answer questions about your ARIS processes and offers new ways of interaction with ARIS by using your natural language to request information from the ARIS repository. All answers are based on demo data, and you get the results of your request as audio output and additionally enriched with visual results. This helps you turn the existing information into insights.

For example, you can ask Alexa for an overview of the change requests that are related to your processes and you receive the audio output via your Amazon Echo device and visual results via a personalized URL. For each question, you’ll see the relevant business process models, dashboards in ARIS Aware or charts in ARIS Process Performance Manager. If you are interested in the production distribution you’ll receive additional information via ARIS Process Mining.

Here are some example questions: Alexa, ask ARIS…

  • How is the production distribution?
  • What is the average process cycle time?
  • Which process step took the longest?
  • How often did it occur?
  • Who is the CTO of United Motor Group?
  • What are the processes for role “Accountant”?
  • How is the follower distribution?
  • How is the conversation distribution?
  • What is ARIS?
  • What are the advantages of ARIS?

See for yourself and activate the “ARIS for Alexa® Demo” skill in the Alexa® Skills store. There you will be guided to the next steps of how to connect the demo to your Alexa device. Then
start asking questions with “Alexa, ask ARIS…“ and enjoy. We are looking forward to getting your feedback on how you like it and where you see the most business benefits!

Find ARIS for Alexa® in the Amazon® Skills Store