Specifying cid's when sending multipart messages to Mediator

Hi all

Is there a way to specify the cid of each individual part in a multipart messagge sent to mediator ?

I would like to name the cid’s from the c# class that is used to post the multipart message.


Ah !
Just needed to have a closer look at RFC1341 to make my code work.

I need to set a value for Content-ID in the header for each part in the multipart message.


How do I set cid in the HTTP header of each part in a multipart?
I am using common.httpclient api’s to send a multipart message.


Hi Nagesh,

The commons httpclient library does not provide any mechanism to actually build the message body.

You can work through the RFC and build the multipart message body manually. I am not aware of any available library tthat will make this much easier.

Hope this helps.