Spaces in DSP scope literals

How do I get DSP pages to accept spaces in %scope% literals?

For instance, following the example in the DSP_and_Output_Template_Developers_Guide:

	%scope test1 param(shipPoint=’BWI Hub’)%
		my ship point=%value shipPoint%<br/>

The web page should display

my ship point=BWI Hub
  • but instead it displays
my ship point='BWI

The value has been terminated at the space character, and a spurious quote character has been inserted.

This is a pretty basic requirement so there must be a way to do it. What have I missed?


Try out this: Just a guess!

%scope test1 param(shipPoint=’BWI’ 'Hub’)%


%scope test1 param(shipPoint=’BWI’’ ''Hub’)%


%scope test1 param(shipPoint=“BWI Hub”)%


%scope test1 param(shipPoint=BWI Hub)%

I ran through those suggestions and got all sorts of creative output, but none matching what I’m after!

During this process I discovered that the quotes I was using - which were copied directly from the manual - are non-standard e.g. Microsoft Word “smart quotes”. When I replaced them with normal ASCII (') quotes, it failed worse :S Trying double quotes (") got me back to my original incorrect output. Curiouser and curiouser…

Hi Michael,

Could you let me know if you were able to resolve this issue. I am stuck with same issue with param value having space. Not sure what to do after trying many options.

I also wanted to pass %value% value of a variable is param. I tried, but I see only '(single quote) as value for param variable.


Sateesh, I didn’t find a solution to this, so I worked around it and moved on. It wasn’t blocking me enough to raise a tech support call; I assume it’s a bug in the DSP parser.