Space between each character when reading file

I’m working on importing a flat, text file. Even though a text editor and Excel both read this file fine, webMethods sees a space between each character, and two strange characters at the beginning. Is there a file-protocol or encoding setting somewhere that I can specify so that webMethods might see this file correctly?

A JPG is uploaded here showing ffValues for my file’s header line.
webMethods example.JPG

How you are getting file ? If you are using pub.file:getFile and pub.flatFile:convertToValues service then you can set encoding in these services.

Yes, those are what I’m using. What do I need to set?

Is it possible to share the sample file here ?

I’m sorry. I can’t. It’s got confidential information.


Looks like webMethods is not detecting the UTF-8 and the ByteOrderMarker correctly.

The first two chars indicate if it is LittleEndian (LE) or BigEndian (BE) UTF-8 encoded.
When UTF-8 is not decoded correctly the additional byte of the 2-bytes sequence is interpreted as an empty char.


Thank you, Holger.

Is there somewhere in my process that I can indicate UTF-8 so that it’s interpreted correctly?