SourceSafe integration error

Have anybody successfully configured the SourceSafe integration in webMethods 7.1.1 or 7.1.2?

I followed the webMethods_Version_Control_System_Integration_Developer’s_Guide_7_1_1.pdf document to configure it but the integration is not working as expected.

When I try to delete an element I always get an error like that: [ISS.0132.9117] error running command [ss, checkout, -I-, -Y********,********, -M-, -GLD:\apps\webMethods7\IntegrationServer\packages\VCSTest01\ns\docs, $/IS_Care/VCSTest01/ns/docs/node.idf]; exit value: 100; output: [You currently have file $/IS_Care/VCSTest01/ns/docs/node.idf checked out.]

Were you able to figure this out?