Source control

we are planning to do source control at package level through visualsourcesafe can some body please give me all file extensions needed.Thanks in advance



Use the search functionality,your will find the topics on source control tools like CVS or VSS or PVCS etc…

Basically we use PVCS for maintaining Package level version control,XSLT(.xsl) mapping files control etc…and CVS for Schemas(EDI,FF,DTD’s,xml’s etc…),CustomMapping XSLT’s version control etc…)


we are trying to do in service level.I couldnt find the extensions in serach.can you please help me…

What extensions you mean for services?I am not sure about it.

I mean like manifest.v3,flow.xml etc

Thanks for clarifying.Manifest.v3 is like package repository and stores the version info,enabling/disabling information etc…
Actually we do package level control,let c if anyone else do service level control.

For service level source control, each service (java, flow, mainframe, etc) has its own set of files that are modified with a change to the service. For example:
Flow: node.ndf, flow.xml
Java: node.ndf, java.frag,, X.class
mainframetran: node.ndf, cfgdata
most others: node.ndf

You would need to check in/out each of these files per service. You can test for the files that are created by simply creating a new service and checking what files were added. I would assume all the services you have will fall into the groupings above. One complexity is when you have web services that have a flow service, unbounded documents, and unbounded schemas…and there are a few others.

To top it off, in order to make it an automatic process, you need to bypass the lock/unlock/create/move/copy/delete, etc functionality of the IS in order to execute these commands in conjunction (i.e. check out when a service is locked, upload and check in on unlock). This functionality exists in nsimpl.class. There are threads on this site that explain how to implement this. From my experience, I can tell you that there is a new issue at every turn…

Thank you very much brian

In 6.5 there is going to be integration with source control programs.
Maybe have a good temporary process for now and wait using source control until 6.5 is released.

Even i heard 6.5 releases with source control programs which everyone waiting from longtime.

Sarita -

WM documents which files under the /packages/ directory must be checked into source control - I think they are specified in a document called “cooperative development guide” or something similar.

I used that document to build a list of extensions that need to be source controlled in 4.6 – see slide #15 in this powerpoint presentation:


Thanks Sonam, but i think that was at package level.I need in component level.Thanks


Saritha, you had said:
> we are planning to do source control at package level
> through visualsourcesafe can some body please give
> me all file extensions needed.

As slide #15 in my presentation says, WM has said these files need to go into source control:

[i]Simple: All files documented as needing source control:

Excludes /data/, /config/, and other directories[/i]

This list was taken from the wM documentation for 4.6. I am sure there should be similar documentation for 6.1

Just clarifying, all files under in those directories mentioned above need to go into source control - file extensions are not specified by the WM documentation.

So what determines if a file needs to be checked in is also it’s location, rather than only the filename.

Thanks sonam