Sometimes does not return Delivery Object in it

Hi all,

I have a service that calls service in it, in production environment sometimes parent service is called like 5 times in a second and again sometimes in one of this calls does not return Delivery Object inside it so my flow fails. I can get rit of this problem by adding a repeat function and by checking Delivery Object is under profile object or not but I want to learn root cause of it. Is there a caching mechanism somewhere on this flow or what?
Version is 10.3
Thanks in advice.

Trading Partner profiles are stored in the Profile Cache. By default, the cache capacity is set to 50 entries. If you have more than 50 trading partners, you may want to try increasing the capacity to accommodate all partner profiles. If that doesn’t help, I suggest opening a support ticket.

Profile Cache Settings (

Hi @Theodore_Ezell1
Thank you for your response.
I have more than 50 parners yes but I got fails for the same partner profile. Some calls to fails to get delivery Settings in partner profile for the same partner profile but some are not. So I think its not about Profile Cache.