Some times we get SOAP-ENV:Client and [ISS.0088.9164] error

Hello, could you help me with this problem, it occurs when we are calling a WebService, the WS is running in the Integration Server.

This WS works fine, but some times we got this error from the same WS. after the error we retray the same call, same data, same WS and it works well.

  tks.   - Rigoberto Lopez
SOAP-ENV:Client [ISS.0088.9164] Access to WSDescriptor Robos.webservices:Actual izacionesReporteRobo denied. http://wmethods:4444/ws/Robos.webservices:ActualizacionesReporte Robo

Hi, the issue was solved.

The problem was in the client application.

for some reason the client application lost the User and Password, so the WS replay with this error.

the client application was modified and now everything works well.

  - Rigoberto.


Can you please exactly know what changes made on the client side.

I am facing the same issue in my environment.

It seems when .net application calls the WS,it is giving Access Denied error some times.