Some questions about Fabric 6.5


I have some questions about wemMethods for a research:

1 Is Fabric 6.5 automatic setting up a LDAP registery?
2 Does fabric 6.5 has any capacity limits?
3 Is there a maximum of processingload or transfercapacity?
4 Does Fabric 6.5 supports XBRL?
5 Is it possible to simulate the designed business processes?
6 Is it possible to define business rules and monitor business processes against that business rules?
7 In wich languages is Fabric 6.5 abailable?
8 Is it easy to generate different reports or manual reports?

Thanx for the answers!

Greetings from the Netherlands,

Jeroen Krook


See if this link helps of some topics on wM Fabric technicals–white paper