Solving a special asynchronous scenario

Hello All,

i have a special asynchronous web service scenario.

The webservice is converting a file to a pdf which can take some time. So I have two different operations in that service:
putDocument - sends a file to the converter
retrieveDocument - try to retrieve the converted file using an id

The second service returns null if the document is not processed yet. So I might need to poll for the result several times.

My requirements are that I do not wait synchronously for the result because this might block a thread for a long time. We would rather like to wait asynchronously without blocking a thread.

  1. Put Document
  2. Poll every 5s for the document
  3. if document is not converted after 60s return an error

Any ideas on how to solve this in Integration server?



Hi Mathias,

  One solution would be that when you call "putDocument", you also pass the TaskID as parameter.

  When the service finishes you call the WmTaskClient service 


  The problem is now to update the UI with the new value of the task's business data .