[Solved] SharedNamedObject, how do they work ?

Hi everyone,

We have some interrogations about UniversalMessaging and its Manager.
We are using the version 9.9.

In Enterprise Manager, on a channel, in the view “Named Object”, what’s the meaning of “Outstanding Events” ?
Isn’t it supposed to decrease once a server connects again to the queue ?

We are using Java. When we connect to a SharedNamedObject with a filter, how is applied the filter ?
Is it applied at the creation of the SharedNamedObject or can it be different for every subscriber ?

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edit: Solved

Hi again,

I found my answears.

“Outstanding events” really means events matching the filter and waiting to be read.

The filter is applied on the SharedNamedObject.
Subscribing to the SharedNamedObject with a new filter changes the filter for every subscribers. ‘null’ and “” do not change the filter. To not filter messages anymore, apply the filter “true”.