Solaris LDOMS vs Containers/Zones


Just wondering if anyone had an opinion on which is better to use? I have personally only seen Containers/Zones, but my current client prefers to use LDOMS.

Firstly, are there any issues installing webMethods in a Solaris LDOM? Secondly, are there any pros/cons either way.

My understanding is the LDOMS have a seperate OS image, hence differing patch levels and that LDOMS cannot share CPUS and are limited to the number of CPUS you have

Containers can share CPUS and resources, there is one shared OS across containers.

Any feedback would be greatly appreciated.



imho depends on what shall run on the physical box.

If the box is completely intended for webMethods and you just want to seperate/scale environments, I think Zones/Containers are a better approach, as there is very little overhead and you probably wont have the need for differences in the os. You can make Zones very ‘thin’, so nearly all properties are inherited from the root zone, making patching and maitenance easy.

If the box is (or will be) shared with other apps requiring greater differences in os, the ldom approach may be better. This gives more flexibility but as ldoms begin below os (simply spoken), there is more overhead.



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Thanks for the reply Martin. There will be both webMethods and oracle running (oracle will only contain wm database).

Does that make a difference in your opinion?