Software AG Support for EnterpriseOne Adapter 9.1


We are using webMethods 8.2 and EnterpriseOne Adapter version 8.98. And If we upgrade E1 to 9.1, will Software AG supports it?
Also webMethods 9.6 supports the E1 Adapter 9.1 ?


Hi Kushalava,

Only relationship manager / sales representative of SAG can tell you the right answer :slight_smile:

Wild guess: If you are able to download the adapter using authorized empower user using installer or update manager and you have valid maintenance license agreement, then yes.

May I know, why you want to upgrade just the adapter?


Actually E1 is upgrading to 9.1 version. I think the latest EnterpriseOne Adapter version 8.98, we will continue use the same.

If E1 upgrades to 9.1, will this work with existing services, BSFN etc.