Software AG Cloud Release for February 2020

We are pleased to announce a new version of Software AG Cloud. Since July 2019, the following new capabilities have been added:

  • Support for B2B free trials and subscriptions.
  • Most free trials and subscriptions now available in two regions: US (Oregon) and Europe (Frankfurt). You can choose at sign-up time.
  • In addition to signing up for free trials, you can now explicitly stop trials if you know you are finished with the trial tenant. You can also easily ask for an extension of time to complete your evaluation.
  • Added security measures to guard against common threats.
  • Allow users to change their work e-mail associated with their login user ids, also allows multiple usernames with the same e-mail address.
  • During sign-up, you can choose a username that is different from your email.
  • Allow sign up for a Software AG Cloud account without first choosing a product. Then you can start and stop trials in the My Cloud home page.
  • Support for Microsoft Active Directory Federated Services as an external identity provider for user management and Single Sign On.
  • For paid customers, ability to create and manage their own environments (like Dev, Test, Prod), easily switch between them and optionally share a user registry to allow for SSO. This will surface in future releases of other cloud products as the basis for deployment of assets and configurations across different environments (stages).

Feel free to email with questions about Software AG Cloud, extending your free trial or accessing new functionality.

The Software AG Cloud Team