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Does any one have an idea, How to receive Information into Integration Server via Sockets(TCP/IP communication via Sockets).

One of my vender’s requirement is communicationing via Sockets, where Integration Server needs to be keep listening for the clients requests.

I appreciate If some send me the link or references, which already implemented or have some code example snippets or some Ideas.

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You can write you own java socket program in IS to do the socket comm.



Thank you for your response.

I can write my own Server Socket Program on IS. But what I want to know is, How to send those messages to webMethods service from Server Socket and How I run Server Socket program as listener on IS to keep listening the client requests.

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Well any client to IS is talking through socketInterface only.
You can write a JavaClient and connect to IS using the API’s provided.

Uppen B Chava

Hi Uppen,

Writing Socket Server is an out of the box solution, addition to that writing client program to communicate to webMethods is going to be very big overhead to many regards, for example maintainance.

Addition to that, If there are any errors and/or Socket Server goes down, need to write additional error handling to take care of.

As I spoke to webMethods Technical Support, they suggested to use HTTP communication until unless client is very particular to socket communication.

Here by using the Sockets Communication with webMethods is increating the layers in communication I beleive.

Any way thanks for your idea, let me figure out what need to be done.

Thank You,

The WM6 Upgrade Tool creates a package called “Wm4XCompatibilityServices” when you deploy a migrated integration to IS. That package contains a set of services for polling and writing to sockets. Perhaps that would do what you need out-of-the-box.

The following services are included:

  • socketPoll []socketPollDispatcher []socketPollShutdown []socketPollThread []writeSocket



I need socket communication for IS 8. Is there a package for IS 8 similar to Wm4XCompatibilityServices?

Hi what did you end up doing for socket communication we are looking at the same scenario?

As explained above, there is no socket communication protocol available in webMethods out of the box. You have to write custom socket communication program to do the same…


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