SoapResponse not being produced?

I have created a WSDL from a flow service that has an input document that has two inputs.Now further these two inputs are concatenated and mapped onto an output doc’s string.The problem here is that the result is not reflected in SoapResponse data while using the webconnector.
I have used a wrapper service to solve my problem but it didn’t yeild any results.:rofl:

Reply asap.


What protocol you used to prepare WSDL file?

Also, Kindly refer soap guide (\doc\guides) for more.

Puneet Saxena

Hope this following note also wouLd help you.

thanks puneet to look into this issue…
for your reference…m using SOAP_MSG protocol to prepare WSDL file.

I have reffered to the soap guide but no satisfactory way i found to resolve this problem…
when m hardcoding the output document’s string field, it appears in the soapResponseData while executing the connector (client) but when trying to map some fields from soapRequestData onto soapResponseData, it doesnt get mapped and shows nothing in the soapResponseData after client execution.
plz help.