I created a connector for a web service running on Websphere the transport for this is SOAP HTTP when I try to execute the connector I am getting the following error.

"Couldn’t find an appropriate operation for XML QName "

I am using IS 4.6.

Thanks for your help.


Is the error being generated by Websphere (and returned to IS as a soap fault) or is it occurring before the pub.client.soap:soapHTTP call is invoked?



    Please check whether u have given a universal name (external and internal). 



Error is generated by Websphere and returned as soap fault. However I have a java client which can connect to the web service and able to post the data into it without any problem.


I got the WSDL from the group which developed the webservice, I am hoping that their WSDL is in sync with their webservice. They used Axis 1.2 Beta to generate the WSDL, is there any known issues?.

Thanks for your time.

Since you have a working example and a non-working one, use a tool such as the Axis TCPMonitor or equivalent to capture the two soap messages. When the messages are identical the behavior will be.

My guess is that you’ll see something missing from the IS-generated message, probably because of something weird in the Websphere WSDL.