SOAPAction HTTP header missing Error while invoking Salesforce api's


We are invoking Salesforce API’s through Web Method.
But when we invoke login service it gives us error
“SOAPAction HTTP header missing”.

I remember previously it was working fine. But suddenly it started giving this error.

Is there anybody who can help me to solve this issue?

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When you are invoking service from webMethods then are you passing the auth information at transport level?

Thank you vikas for your quick reply.
No we are not passing auth info at transport level.
As per Salesforce documentation first we need to call login API, and we only need to pass login info to this service. This Service will return the session id and url to call other urls.

Login service accepts tns:login, auth, Header_LoginScopeHeader, timeout,port and url parameter.

We are only setting username and Password in tns:login document.



I am facing same problem . Did you able to find solution for it ?


New fix IS core fix 12 713 solve this problem. There seems to be change in behaviour in soap action behavior in old fix.


Is the fix resolved the issue. I am working on 7.1.2.

I got the same problem intially it was logged-in salesforce but within 5 min it is throwing error message “SOAPAction HTTP header missing”

please let me know how to resolve.