Hi webMethods Experts,

I am trying to create a SOAP over JMS web service.
1.Created Destination (queue) called “SOAPJMS”

2.Created JMS Connection Alias with the following properties.
–>Transaction Type: No Transaction

3.Created SOAP-JMS trigger, specified the above JMS Connection alias and Destination “SOAPJMS” in that trigger.
TriggerName: SoapJMS

4.Created Endpoint Alias for Provider with Transport Type JMS.

Type : Provider
Transport Type : JMS

JMS Trigger Name :SoapJMS(trigger name)
Delivery Mode : PERSISTENT
Time to Live :1
Priority :5
Reply To Name :SOAPJMS
Reply To Type :QUEUE

5.Created Provider for a flow service with SOAP 1.1 and JMS

6.With that provider WSDL created Consumer

when i am trying to run the connector of consumer i am getting the following error.

Exception → org.apache.axis2.AxisFault: Unable to send SOAP-JMS message. Required configuration is missing: jndiProperties.