Soap message sometimes does not contain set


we have been using Glue 1.1 to send out and receive SOAP messags to our
EAI system for some 3 years now.
Somewhen this year, we notices that one critical XML node was not
contained in the outgoing message. Turning debugging on verified that
this node was an empty instead of containing the
elements. The object in the Java code has a “Set orders” which contains
instances of “OrderItems”, and that set was never empty in such cases.
This behaviour persistet until the application was restartet, then all was
fine again.
Since this year, for other reasons, our application got restartet several
times a day, and we’ve had the bad behaviour about 5 times so far.
So this is a very rare error that is remedied by just restarting. I suspect
a race condition in the startup but I really have no clue where to go from

Does anyone of you know about such problems, startup race conditions,
or maybe have a suggestion what I should check or debug the next time
this problem occurs.
Currently, I have no idea where to go expect exchange the glue with
another SOAP layer.
I believe the 1.1 was the last free Glue version ? It’s hard to find info on

And feedback really appreciated!
Thanks, Tom.