SOAP is only supported using HTTP POST protocol

Hi All I am new in webservice .
I have created provide for webservice descripte and consumer also in same IS with existing service that is add 2 number.

when i run the webservice connector its successfully.its give me the correct result with on URL. when I try to open this URL its showing

<?xml version="1.0" encoding="UTF-8" ?>

can any one please suggest me how to call this webservice by useing URL and where to get the url to call the webservice…

Thanks in Advance

You cannot invoke a web service (SOAP) using just a browser. A browser does not provide a mechanism to post nor to set the required content-type.

Hi Rob, Thanks for you reply.
Can you please suggest me how the consumer call the webservice by URL.
I have created Both Provider and consumer in same IS.

But have no idea how to call the webservice …

You can use SOAP UI and Poster (add on of firefox) tools to call your webServices.

Your operation is POST so use above tools to call your webservice.