SOAP Header

Hello Experts,

One of my client wants to pass the account info in the SOAP header. All other details (processing Info) will come in the SOAP body. How should I have a web service created with custom soap header in wM?
Looking for information on how to access the SOAP header information on the handler service.

Please provide some pointers.

On a high level notes:

1> Make use of spec: handlerSpec present in WmPublic and write your code logic
2> Create handle request and response services respectively
3> Register the handler using BIS services
4> Choose the header handler from the Handlers tab from WSD
5> More details refer web services developers guide.

Hi Mahesh,

Can you plese tell me how to pass soap headers data to IS flow service from hanlder request?

I have imported getServicePipeline flow service into handler request as last step. but I couldnt see headers document in end poit service IS pipeline