SOAP Header into the Pipeline

we want to use WebMethode for publish a WebService that call another (internal) WebService. Therefor we need to relay the whole SOAP Message inclusive the Header to the internal WebService (not in webMethods).
With the Parameter “Pipeline headers enabled - True” of the Web Service Descriptor I get the Header in the Pipeline (seen with “Save Pipeline to File”), unfortunately I don´t see a Document for the Header in the Designer Pipeline View (IS Service).
How can I convert the Header in a Document in my IS Service?


If you see stuf apearing on the pipeline at runtime, then in Designer, just act as if they are there, map as if they are there.

If you want more control, build a handler on your expose ws and use pub.soap.handler.getHeaderBlock to get the header from the soap message and “type” it (so it becomes of a known documenttype). Then put it where you like, for example in $session with the help of pub.flow:getSession Then in a handler on the consumer, get your header block from $session and put it in the request.