SOAP Fault String

Hi All,

I developed a flow service and wrote a coresponding webservice to that service. After that I generated WSDL. When I am testing the web service through a webservice connector its returning a fault string that my service doesnot exist, instead of response code. I did all I can…like checked on namespaces, local name, exceute ACL, etc. I installed the fix required and tried everything I can, but couldn’t get rid of the error. Could any one find me the solution to this at the earliest.


What is the “universal name” (namespaceName and localName) of your web service wrapper. (the one that you want to invoke when your soap request is received by IS)?

What is the first line of the soap request inside the SOAP-ENV:Body element?

When you receive the error “<namespace>:<localname> does not exist”, there is some disconnect between how you defined your wrapper service’s universal name and the QName of the first child element of the soap request body.

You can also use the pub.universalname:list built-in service to view a list of the QNames that have been registered by populating their UniversalName properties.


Have you registered your service through registerprocessor service before generating wsdl?

It is not necessary to use the pub.soap.processor:registerProcessor service unless you have written a custom soap processor and need to have it receive soap requests sent to a new directive.

Manshad’s question seemed to indicate that he had written a document / literal style “wrapper” service and wanted it to receive soap requests sent to the default soap processor. One only needs to populate the UniversalName properties correctly and then send a properly formed request for this to happen.