soap fault Handler

We have a provider soap webservice on 8.2.2.

The requirement is to add a custom xml under the “detail” element of the soap fault. My understanding was that I can create a faultHandler and put the logic in there. But I am unable to get the faultHandler to invoke.

In the docs it is mentioned that the faultHandler is only invoked if the requestHandler returns a status of 3. Now I don’t have (or need) a request Handler. All I want is when the service fails, it inserts a custom document to the fault detail. How to do it?

Any ideas?



You may want to write an outgoing header handler to add something to the soap message. If you play dirty tricks, i guess you can massage the entire DOM that will be returned.


Is it that you want to return a custom fault document? This was easy in the “old” web services stack. Unless you use compatibility mode, things have changed. A lot.

Read the documentation carefully, there are new services to generate and register such error documents. You must use them, or you get weird error messages when returning a Fault Document type in the pipeline. Its a pity that the Docs are not very clear about this.

If you need further help, get back to me again (by mail).