Soap address location change problem


I am creating a “soap_msg” web service. The wsdl file has the follwing soap address location

Now if we move the webservice to production environment the machineName would change. So do we have to generate the wsdl file again and redistribute ??

Is there a solution for this ?


I guess you do not need to regenerate the WSDL or consume it again.
Just change the URL in the consuming side to the production box.
If wM is the the client, in the web service connector, edit the address variable.

Hello Prabhu,

The consuming side are the people using my webservice right ??
If I have distributed my wsdl to more than one client, I have to tell each one of them to change the location. Is it possible, at my end (where the webservice resides), to make a generic address URI (independent of the machine name).


We have developed webMethods interfaces and published the wsdl files to frontend portal application. Recently we got a new change request which needs lot of changes to the services in the exising package.
We though of going for new package, so that we can maintain two versions parally. At portal side they are using axis to generate the java class from the published wsdl files. When portal generates the java class, the class names got generated with entire URI+service( name.

When we publish the new wsdl files as per the new package structure it is createing different different class names as per the new package structure( Most of the cases in side logic is same, but it is required to maintain two different sets of package.

Is there any way portal can map new java service in such a way that it points to the old package created in webMethods.