SMTP Service error

I am invoking the pub.client.SMTP service inside another parent service.
While doing exception reporting the service throws the following error
“Invalid BODY field: null”

We have two environments Dev and QA.In dev the same service is working fine while in QA it is throwing this error.

It seems that data mapped to the “body” element of the smtp service input is null. Could you please verify doing trace.

Currently we are not mapping anything to the data element.
The surprising thing is the same code works well in the Development environment but fails in QA environment


It seems weird since “body” input is a required field in SMTP service. Could you trace the code in dev and make sure that nothing is passed in Dev environment?

The same code is in Dev environment and nothing is maaped to the Body field

Check whether IS_6-5_SP3_SrvPrtcl_Fix4 is applied in QA environment - which might not be there in your Dev environment. As per this fix, the smtp service checks for required input parameters and issues a proper error message if one is missing. :frowning:

Before this patch, one had to keep body field as null, to send any ‘HTML’ content as body.

If you set body field to empty instead of null, the service will run fine and send the mail as it should be.

Hope this helps.