SMIME configuration

Did somebody know how SMIME work with TN?

I have a private key installed on Outlook,
I whant TN to have my public key, so when he will sumbit to my mail box, he will send-it ENCRYPTED.
(TN Security pannel of the profile)

Problem is Verisign generate an .p7c file. How to imported in to TN?

Any documentation of all this?


I am trying to get a class 1 email certificate installed in Trading Networks as well. Bertrand, were you able to get this done, or does anyone else know how to accomplish this? I am using IS and TN 6.0.1 and am trying to get an EDIINT AS1 implementation going. Thanks!


did you already have a solution for this?

I want to receive the mime message via an mail-port.



I’m facing the same problem as you people. I’m supposed to receive encrypted attachments via email. I’m using ediint as1 on webmethods 6.1.
I’m not able to read these emails in outlook neither is my port listener picking up these encrypted emails. ediint as1 is entirely new to me. Any help/suggestions wil be greatly hepfull.
How do we install private key in outlook??

Thank you,